The Higher Ones involved with I.

The Higher Ones involved  with I.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Galactic Center & Earth Changes in the Age of Aquarius.

Milky Way Galaxy and the Galactic Center  and the age of Aquarius

 I did not align the gregorian calendar to the mayan/aztec this was done by Pope Gregory back in 1582. Whos to say the date was done incorrectly or that in they have done so purposely.
The Julian calendar would have one more day meaning that ANY Date would or could  be the alignment or whenever mans influences and extensions reach this threshold in change.

Its all depends on we Humans .

Think of it as a train leaving the station and going across the country,stopping at many places along the way and some taking longer then others.- the total trip time takes longer. This is almost the same perspective as with the Solar System and  our Sun with her planets travels around the Galaxy.

For almost  the last 40 years the Earth's Frequency has been accelerating due to the Position of Our Solar System and in conjunction with the Galactic center. While the Earth Travels around the Sun, The Sun and our solar system also traverses the Milky Way Galaxy usually in a set pattern considered cycles .Like the Shorter Seasons the larger Astrological zodiacs and alignments  have set periods of time within the Galaxy in cycles and patterns from Transitions

Much Of the Earths changes and prophesied visions throughout history are talking about this one event know and described as In Earth changes and the Earth Position of being in the direct center of the Milky Way Galaxy and her receiving the Higher frequencies of the Creator "The Galactic center"While the Earth frequency highers because of and This is also changing Earth Dimensional Portal. Remember Frequency means how fast something vibrates this falls into other mechanical aspects like the speed of the Rotation."Time" Gravity etc etc.


Other Probabilities.

Watch carefully for the highest energies and switching of dimensional rifts.

Here is a video showing how the rotation Of Earth looks like going around the Sun. Not what ya were taught in school,This is the correct way

Here is also another Video showing the Correct spiral pattern within the set sine wave pattern of the spiral around the Milky way galaxy.

Earth Position in the Galaxy

Roughly Every 200-250  million years  the Earth Does one rotation around the whole Milky Way Galaxy known as a Cosmic Year

The speed and density does have a effect on the time frame so the older ones in the past could have been longer or shorter depending on the flow of energy from our Galactic center outward this also has a effect on the fractals within these time frames.

While also the much smaller cycle of  around 26,000 years are known as progressions The alignment of the smaller cycle has everything to do with going from below the elliptical and also the direct center.There is even much larger cycles of  52,000 years to 104,000 years- and up..

Fractals of Time
Which all culminate to the same Time frame Know as Zero Point or called Dec 21,2012 or the kala yuga.  Many names and no one known's the right time..

Our solar system Sun and planets travel at roughly around 35,000 miles per hour around the whole Milky way Galaxy not just the solar system and moments in time known as Transitions of the cycles and patterns Like how we have noticeable changes in the smaller visible cycles like from Night/day these longer ones are connected to energy waves of the highest frequencies "Creator" known as Evolution  or peaks of time more on cycles and patterns below. So all these smaller fractals are divisible within the larger known evolution larger grand scale, 3300/3600 Binary Nibiru, 13,000 Precession of equinox,26,000 grand zodiac 52,000 etc etc etc.

Skip this if only intrested in the mechanics, this is the smaller fractal Nibiru.
The Fractal Nibiru- Our Binary and changing of old to New.
3600-Fractal that will be Eternity .

The Nibiruian system How it enters and actually creates the spin on Earth "correcting the wobble"

How our correct system looks like...

News -In red below, Our ongoing shift is now at a threshold as the Fractal Nibiru The Solar systems Binary star approaches and Earths Magnetosphere does a reversal.

ALSO - Soon will be entering the dark rift prophecy "MAYAN" will happen after ,with the Near astrological alignment of the May 20th the Solar Eclipse and planetary with Pleiades.
This means the darl will happen after the transit of Venus which is one of the final alignments for the transition of the age of Aquarius.

Continue on if from Nibiru fractal-

Explaining Cycles and Patterns.

While we have seasons with Moon phases and So many more astrological events that are timed and follow patterns known as A Sequence this happen in nature due to how reality is all connected and bounded through space and time. What has happened before will happen again. We have summers that follow winters ,we also have progressions that follow Galactic alignments that are set in rhythmic patterns.

We live in these cycles and patterns also being the smaller fractals or extensions of Earth "Bi Products"

So you understand this transition period happens every 26,000 years.What we will call Now Astrological ages.Which is also the time period of the Procession of the equinox

Mayan Harmonic "Galactic center"

Another Perspective of 2012

Astrological ages

Here's more on the Astrological age we are entering Known as the Age of Aquarius.


Dwarf Star Scientific Evidence -- The Great Year

The progression of the equinox's and the alignment of the constellations And manipulation of time or repeating of cycles and patterns.

Earths Position during Galactic center/Alignment

There is two aspects in mechanics of What will happen to earth One is the Magnetic forces that flow through the galaxy will change from below the elliptical to above .Picture A

See how the Earth goes from The Top Side of Our Milky Way to the Bottom.

While the Earth Travels around the Sun and Our Solar system traverses around the Milky Way the system  does so  in a Sine Wave Pattern ,this has Much Effects on the Equinox and How it Reflects Time.-Picture B

A sine wave is a pattern.

See how the Picture below shows the Earth as it enters the Center and Our Position in Respects to Our Galaxy

The Galactic Alignment

NEW This video Will explain in details the Zero Point

The Actual Astronomy of - Absolutely Amazing!

And another-check this one out

So another Mechanical aspect of our Changes here from the solar system is The Progression and cycles and fractals with larger transitions and patterns , While another mechanical aspect is known as the Earth Set Harmonic Frequency.This is the Vibrational field of everything on earth ,while for the last few decades its been highering due to the earths position in conjunction to the Milky Way Galaxy Center.

Everything On Earth Vibrates at a set Resonance

Frequencies and how they change the Earth's From  Magnetosphere -Also Known as Schumann Resonance

Breaking News- Magentosphere reveral in process as Our Fractal Nibiru approaches !

And another, This is big news that goes with every probability that we are now entering the shift

Zero Point of the Galactic center and Shumann Resonance.

High Energy Mystery Lurks At The Galactic Centre

New-Yes the phenomena being heard around the world is connected to these changes,The ancient grid and power structure is being supercharged.So the Ley lines are adjusting and that's making the Energies of either a chaotic or Creative pattern exchange between the minor Vortexes to The Earths Major Chakras. This does have a effect on Gravity changing the frequency you change the gravity..The noises are from this ancient structure but is connected to the Earth Changes as Many are Now Realizing. Shumann Resonance and the Earth Vibration Frequency.

This will also be known as the Biblical Trumpets

The Earth is Groaning

What's causing the mysterious sounds coming from the sky that are so loud they set off car alarms?

Strange sounds around the world are apocalypse trumpets? - Solved!!! 

Confirmations- Plate Techtonics, which also connect to ley lines and Earth Chakras

Since this subject of the Ley Lines and chakras with voticies is rather complex, here is my blog explaining that and the ancient power grid.

Explaining the Highering of Vibration "Earths Frequency"  that will effect the Dimensional plane/gravity of existence of right here right now it time and space.A quantum zero point beginning and ending or Transition..
This End Event will also be know as the End of Time as we will never see it the same again.And due to the reset switch that will take place that will start everything over again.


Mr. Khalilov, what is the nature of the unusual very low-pitched sounds reported by a great number of people in different parts of the planet since the summer of 2011? Many call them “The Sound of the Apocalypse”. Information about that comes from all over the world: US, UK, Costa Rica, Russia, Czech Republic, Australia, etc.

Gravity= Rotation and Spin

Pole shift - more evidence - theory proven

The Fibonacci Sequence and Spiral of the Milky Way Galaxy .

This is considered the Macro/Microcasm of the Known Universe Or the fractals of Life "Sacred geometry"

Each extension could signify the different spectrum's of the dimensions Where we are located and the positions of the higher arky and structure of the Milky Way Galaxy takes this shape and effect with a connection throughout the Cosmos in a blueprint known as a Core Tri "Trinity"Veca Merkaba Field. and or Tri Matrix of Creation

See how the Spiral looks the same as the Fibonacci Sequence which creates life through probabilities and how the extensions are connected to Source and how the divine connection occurs in Nature or the creators gift of "LIFE" in this known universe of the Milky way galaxy

The Fibonacci Sequence

A recursive number sequence named after Leonardo Fibonacci, an Italian mathematician who published Liber abaci in 1202. He calculated a response to "How many pairs of rabbits can be produced from a single pair in one year if it is assumed that every month each pair begets a new pair which from the second month becomes productive?" Fibonacci#39;s response was a sequence wherein each number, except the first, is attained by adding the two previous numbers together. Hence his self-referencing sequence (from the formula Xn = Xn-1 + Xn-2):

Sonification and the Interaction of Perceptual Dimensions

Earths Frequency Highering

And from Earths Frequency highering a New 5th Dimension Earth !


While we see the Changes on a Physical level there also  will be changes on a Metaphysical level.

This shows on the metaphysical level of dimensions and humans

Earth and Humans Changes due to the galactic center Highering of Earth Frequency

The Changes happening are on a Large Scale From Our Sun to her Extensions of Planets and whatever is on the planets being Bi- Products of
Earth will Change so will all Humans. We are now in the process of going from a carbon based heavy body to a lighter in density Light body. What this means is-  Our DNA is actually changing  from a 2 strain DNA Double helix to a complicated intertwined hexagon 12 strain , the dormant "junk" DNA will be recoded and the alignment of chakras to complete the process.
This is One of Humanities Great moments of Evolution.

The Earths changes in density from 3rd dimension to 5th will also split and also remove all remaining vibrations. Like a cell splitting when maturing. This is also another part of Dec,21,2012

Highering of Frequency and Effects on Dimensions.

New Study Questions the Effects of Cosmic Proton Radiation on Human Cells

Remember this effect will be caused by
AKA "The Higher Frequencies of the Galactic center"

Ascension, Dolores Cannon: Splitting of Earth into two Earths

part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6

Can Our DNA Electromagnetically 'Teleport' Itself?

Showing how DNA can be controlled by means of electromagnetically.Giving more credibility to the evolutionary event of Humans and the Galactic Center

Cosmic rays can change DNA!! Human DNA change in 2012 explained

Russians Change DNA with Frequency Experiments

While the structure of Earth Changes so do humans, Humans once dormant 2 strand double helix will be a 12 strain quad double .

Normal 2 strand dna

Genetically Modified by the Galactic Centers Higher frequency  12 Strand dna

Now even newborn babies are being born without the change, its already inherited trait.

Proton exchange and local stability in a DNA triple helix containing a G.TA triad

Want a safe passage through the galactic center?

Here is My blog on the Awareness of the Control Mechanisms of the NWO-Illuminati .

This blog is finally almost complete,Thank you for your time and energy and please come back and read my other Enlightening posts that are other Lil pieces of the puzzle.


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  3. This isnt channeled material this is science. Ok? I got my channeled material also on other blogs. Someone who just makes a profile up and has no blog -no room to talk. It seems thousand of others understand.

  4. Bob
    I do not see channeled material anywhere.I can see the work in progress and also makes sense within me. Thanks for posting the link on Facebook. Would love to see this when finished.Keep up the good work.
    Billy B.

  5. Hello Bob thanks for the face book link and this blog also makes sense to me. I do not know where the first comment came from thinking the person must not be Educated in these subjects. Anna

  6. Ive had many friends on facebook also comment on this blog through a post/links and everyone loved it also enjoyed what I had to offer. Sorry Happy when you have thousands of facebook friends and ones with real solid education and understanding in all these subjects- I will take their word for it. I asked for honest opinions and recieved them . Other then finishing the blog itself there is nothing wrong with it and makes perfect sense to facebook friends who are also in these areas. Ive had 230 views on this just today.

  7. Just posted this on my wall Bob...absorbing information which is so badly needed in such chaotic times - will keep returning for any new updates...brilliant!

    ps: posted to my profile :)

    Naomi x

  8. You are a fake starseed bob no one even cares for your stuff. why don't you try to even prove it on to glenn's show. call back on there and see what he has to say. even jeff doesn't care for your calls. You are all wrong bob.

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  12. I injoyed your call today dude. Keep it up. You called told the facts and walked away. Good job. Don't worry about what others have to say. Most don't know enough to fill a bottle cap.

  13. Thanks Ray, I miss some of the callers not listening and enjoyed hearing glenn say the end of the world even though I dont say that.Twisitng the words. anyways glad to hear from ya and hear your call on the dna manipulation that taking place and have been for some years.Its very true and being in the news and this is everything happening all over again. This happened many many years ago in ancient times and now called mythological creatures when in fact every civilization that spoke of them said it was called in history .Anyways im glad your exploring the endless possibilities of reality ..

  14. That Mike dude is a fracking D....bag. He won't shut up dude. I hope he slips up and get's someone pissed at him. He knows nothing...But thinks he knows it all...Just like Dan.

  15. lmao I say so ray, I dunno the guy .specially including me in statements with such negativity..Hes got some nerve and will be pointing it out tomorrow word assiociation ..see if he likes it. Anyways exacttly like i said "people shooting the messenger instead of taking on the message. Its obvious from what I Heard is he gets very jealous quick when hes not the center of attention .and i dont think hes all that brilliant. Ive met eye to eye with ones like him all the time calling out his religous beliefs and then attack the other.His religion killed more in the name of god then any other. also they have the highest child molestation and suicide deaths then any other. Plus teachers we all know how they like the students. Not all but hey he wants to associate me with things like that also can be done on his behalf...

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  19. Well as Joe said. The Hotline or the Live at 5 show will never change the world. It isn't that world wide. Just entertaining to some locals. So Mike needs to stop taking it so serious. He is a dork anyway. What do people who live over in Black River know anyway? :)

  20. Romes burning my friend. Stock market is taking a beating today.

  21. Yeah Ray , it will keep happening- A cause and effect is going on remember they want the currency to fail. Its not the public or society its the elite and federal reserve nwo illuminati ..Until the economy and system collapses ..No middle ground its all for change and one world currency that all the hidden strings that are being pulled worldwide.

  22. You were so right about the weird earth quakes my friend. I was in VA last week. Hasn't happened in 100 years and bang there it was. Thank God it wasn't bad.

  23. Ray the earthquakes are one sign as the volcanoes are another,remember a average of 2-3 eruptions a year and we are going on a average of 70 or so now a few a week and more even active. This is far from normal and a clear indicator of more things to come. Anyone can look at post 2012 maps and see the earth changes that will come eventually the days are not set but the probabilities are there. check out my gulf of mexico blog on all the oddities and weird things that adds to the new madrid faultline. Ps ya send me a email id gladly add you to my list on facebook that has many famous people from all over the world and the mayor,exovert,cashier tom,justin and many other locals that call up the shows. I get so busy have very lil time now trying to go from one thing to another. I have even famous tv show hosts im friends with and soon will be doing my own radio show weekly if everything goes right.

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  29. PS. I call the show all the time you fool, I talk with joe brosk all the time and he likes me and I him, and says I know what Im talking about.. Not interested in calling glenns show anymore go bark up anothers tree.

    I also Own a business and home and your assumptions are wrong and have your Ip recorded

    Why ya keep coming back out of denver Co. huh- You think Im that dumb ? I will find out who this is very easily ..

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  34. As far as the hang up dude...It's in the Watertown area....Because he plays the radio in the back ground to cause feed back. So he isn't picking that up on anything in Denver. I can hear it isn't the ya he is a Watertown dumb dumb.

  35. All references to 2012 are utter nonsense, but entertaining anyway :-) BTW a very large black-hole lurks at the center of the galaxy waiting to gobble up unwary galactic travelers. Fortunately for us, and accurately portrayed in the picture of the galaxy above, it would take at least 30,000 years to travel to the center of the galaxy at the speed of light. So we needn't worry about being gobbled up anytime soon :-)

    Sincerely and Merry Christmas
    Robin Browne
    Ottawa, Ontario

  36. I see someone really does not know science and how we are about to enter the galactic center and proven by the schumann resonance thats been highering for 40 years and also all the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that are up 400 percent, then the airports that moved thier runways the wobble of the earth and then Polar core samples that doesnt lie all say the same thing we are in a time of transtion a cycle and pattern which will end just like we have winter to summer we have 2012. Your nieve outlook and no education on the subject is proven by your ignorance. Goodluck !

  37. ps. If its nonsense why waste time with the subject why look at this blog, why feed energy into this ? It says alot when a non believer comes and comments on ..I dont shurely go to sites I dont believe in and give my two cents.It seems the logical reason is your subconsciousness is screaming out for the truth- Disprove anything I say instead what your lying big brother wants you to believe, Ive been studing this for decades not 10 minutes like imagine your effort within this.... I really get upset when someone dismisses something they are really uneducated on. Awareness and Enlightenment goes hand to hand.

  38. Sincerely and Merry Christmas
    Robin Browne
    Ottawa, Ontario

    Hi, regarding your comment, "it would take at least 30,000 years to travel to the center of the galaxy at the speed of light. So we needn't worry about being gobbled up anytime soon :-)" <-- This is assuming that the black hole burp didn't happen "30,000" years ago.. although I am not sure where you got that, "30,000" number.

    Here is a piece of information from a former NASA employee who was privy to top secret information that contradicts your facts:

    "On the physical level, our galatic core has wiped out, or reduced, life on Earth in cycles for a very long time. This is due to the black hole at the center of the galaxy, it literally burps in cycles. The universe works on harmonics (a frequency of vibration, or number of cycles per second), and an electromagnetic vibration pattern exists in our galaxy as well. When our central black hole consumes matter to achieve a certian mass, the outer mass layers begin to oscillate out of phase with the resonance of the incoming mass/energy and the system becomes unstabally resonate (which means it starts vibrating out of control). When this happens, the black hole litterally blows off some outer shells of matter and energy at or near it's event horizon (the layer where light can no longer excape). This expulsion or explosion expands across the galaxy at the speed of light which varies from space density to space density. But, in general, these electromagnetic energy fields are extremely energetic and hit the earth in cycles of about 10,000 to 11,000 years, when the normally stable black hole is unstable. The extreme energy and mass waves are based on the cyclic harmonic of "burps", with our black hole. The waves expand outward, like the affect a pebble causes when landing on the surface of a smooth pond; rippling outward every 10 to 11 thousand years. It is interesting that the distance from the center of the galaxy to Earth is about twice that distance- about 20 thousand light years. So, when one ripple is hitting our solar system, another is half way here, and another is being created. Approximately.

    Our (the population's) first warning will occur when it hits Earth (due to light speed limitations). After the initial waves begin hitting the earth, our geosphere begins to change, and part of this change involves a weakning of the magnetic shield that surrounds Earth. Some life is affected immediately during the wave's passing. All communications satellites will be fried. And, power grids will go down. Some humans will die directly,and a lot of the survivors will end up with cancers. The ugly part is the effect on the Sun's magnetic field; it becomes highly energized. The wave will cause very violent solar mass-energy particle ejections, some of which hit earth. Sun energy ejections interfere with Earths magnetosphere, which are compressed enough to allow some high z particles to strike the Earth's surface. Ring currents flow circularly around our magnetic field lines, extending to the earths core and concentrate at the earth's geometric nodes. Strong earthquakes, volcanos, hurricanes and tsunamis will be continuous for several months until the wave subsides. A lot of life will be lost: animal, plant, human.

    "Ancient civilizations" (before and after the last 10,500 year cycle) knew about this pulse cycle, so do others in current history (some military/civilian leaders, some in projects above the TS-SCI-17 levels, NSA Remote Viewers, and those in organizations who have translated information found in the Giza Valley). It is a process that is very distructive to life in the Milky Way. This burp hit earth the last time about 10,500- 11,000 years ago. A civilization (that we have few artifacts from) was decimated over a few years. Mostly from the large changes when the geomagnetic structure of Earth is affected. I think you can fill in the blanks from there."


  39. By the way, Bob, this link isn't available anymore:

    Do you have another link where I can see this video? Thank you.

  40. ahhh another link gone, shes about right on the speed. Just need to take in the effect that the last time was thousands of years ago.and we know and see this with example polar core samples that don't lie.thanks for the comments vajra I need to update alot of stuff so much has been removed already...

  41. Bob, if you download those videos you find on youtube straight away, then you can upload them onto vimeo yourself - vimeo does not remove their videos.

  42. Its only stupid to the People who dont seek answers and have no understanding of Science, Instead of Discrediting your taking the low road and laugh it off.This is exactly what happens to schoolkids when they dont understand and pick on because their brains cannot deciper and they take on the simplest of emotions and thats laughing it off. That makes the joke on you !

    1. hope it will be a year of our spirit evolve to higher self it will be a very good year to practice the kriya kundalini yoga the rainbow light body om shanti shanti shanti

  43. This is confusing and anyone who says they get it most likely gets only part of it. Bob you seem to have spent a lot of time on this and I respect that. Ive spent some time too but admittly am still not 100% solid and the info from vajra confuses me. What is the deal: are we crossing the galatic ecliptic or are we recieving the black hole "burp"? Doesnt this alignment occur anyway but is special because it occurs on the solstice?, Why does this energy only occur on the thin line of the ecliptic and not radiate evenly into space? Do we really know the location of the center of the galaxie or is it an assumption? It would be easy to tellif we could look down on our galaxy to observe it but the fact is we are inside it. Are the three days of darkness a metaphor or will the sun "blink out" Does our sun and the earth pass through the ecliptic at the same time? Do all stars pass through the ecliptic on a cycle. I dont expect you to answer all of my questions and " I dont know" is always exceptable to me. I just feel like i'm missing something here and these re some of the questions that bother me. Please bob, try to get a feel of what I dont understand and see if you can steer me in the right direction....John

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Vajra is just someone from another side of the world with his perspective and I respect that.

    I go with whats told to me and understood through my guides and Higher Family then I come back and try to make sense of it in what I know and understand. The dark rift is a energy area of the galactic center thats chaotic and there is positive and negative energies at this center due to its switch of either its charge on as a black hole swallowing all energy or off as a creative pattern signaling and creating energies of the highest frequency that manipulates all dna and matter within it . Positive/negative this is the pattern of everything throughout the milky way galaxy and these forms create structures and patterns that overlayed in the milky way, as the closer we approach this center the rift area is the chaotic area all around it. Think of it as our sun and planets travel around the sun the sun and planets travel around the milky way in set sine patterns known as zodiacs these are placements of space and time that manipulates and creates cycles and patterns on top of the already complex alighnments creating Fractals set as a pattern and cycle within a pattern and cycle smaller to bigger Microcasm Universe you could say like how we have the night/day then winter/summer we have the equinox and then larger alighments. This moment in time at or around dec 21,2012 is many events within one you could say. Creating the effect. The above eliptical is due to the moving from its position in the galactic center which is the earth connection to the magnetic core and the this center. Everything is due to position and that changes everything from the earths frequency to its position in the galactic center. These energies exchanges think of them as like how the planets effect each other in a line it creates a straigher connection and more of direct influence. Like magnets when they get close together they either attract or repell this is the same mechanical exhanges that happens with the flow patterns of the galactic center and how the structure is held together through space and time and that creates the effect on when it will happen .Look at it as a Huge solar system in a smaller solar system, the fractal and they move around creating energies exchanges and so on so forth

  46. Oh, its BEAUTIFUL Bob, the first video "spiraling through space" ; everything as a coil, like DNA.

    Ahh ya, new perspectives opens the mind, I made a new neural connection tonight.

    Dec 21 is here!! 4 days to go, we have reached the Zero Point... but will the human race grab this opportunity to get back in the groove of natural harmonies or will we keep fighting it, controlling it?

    A need to Control is a sign of insecurity, and no doubt we are feeling insecure when we have lost our way. Lets get back on the path.

  47. Ellin.

    Thank you

    I was just trying to put everything together so people can see the connections and understand if their level of enlightenment allows them. Not everyone will get this blog most will just remove it as pseudo science or metaphysical hogwash. When in fact the keys of understanding most everything is here if they wish to research and realize what is. Everyones reality is within their own. Thank you for taking the time and commenting it means alot when most just take my information and use it for their own or just ignore it or then like some argue and fight the message which is completely wrong.

    Thank you. Love & Light~!