The Higher Ones involved with I.

The Higher Ones involved  with I.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Understanding the Nibrubian Connection "Annunaki" and Nibiru" Faction of the Galactic Federation of Light~!

After  the sinking of Atlantis, Earth came to be colonized and heavily controlled by yet another extraterrestrial Race, known as the Nibirurans, who created the Sumerian Civilisation in Mesopotamia. They also were known as The Anunnaki ("The Astronauts"), a Race of "Gods" who descended upon Earth from their roving "Battleship Planet" Nibiru in order to mainly exploit our gold mineral resources. The Battle Planet Niburu was originally built in the Pleiades by the Galactic Federation for Galactic peace keeping purposes. Nibiru was constructed as a hollow sphere four-times the size of Planet Earth. Its 4th Dimensional inhabitants live exclusively on the inside, where they have a fully verdant landscape complete with lakes and rivers similar to those on Earth. Nibiru is at present confined, as a Galactic Federation punishment for their interference on Earth, to a permanent orbit ranging from out of our Solar System as far as the Sirius Star cluster to then returning into our Solar System every 3.6 thousand years. At this time it is currently passing through our Solar System, though at present invisibly "cloaked" from our 3rd Dimension Earth vision

 The Nibirurans had been briefly involved with Earth long before the creation of Atlantis and then returned after it's sinking during Earth's "Dark Ages" following the Great Flood. They set up a new civilisation in the Mesopotamia region, the Sumerian Civilisation, having returned in order to mine our supplies of gold mineral resources in Africa. They badly needed this source of gold in order to create a protective radiation shield around Nibiru after it had been exposed to many nuclear attacks during its their former peace keeping role. They soon found the relatively simple indigenous Earth survivors left after the Great Flood an easy material to genetically transform into obedient gold mining slaves to work in their gold mines. These simple-minded natives, named by them as the "Lulus", had their 12-strand DNA reduced to 2 strands, allowing them only enough intelligence to receive instructions, but with limited mental abilities to disobey. The two-strand DNA introduced into them soon spread throughout Earth's Humanity, and has persisted within all of us right down to the present time. This accounts for the fact that most Earth Humans at present have the use of only 20 percent of our potential mental capability. Our former 12-strand DNA will be fully restored when we step up to the 5th Dimension vibrational rate of the New Earth after the Earth Changes.
The ruling Nibiruan Family on Earth, looked up to by the Lulus as their "Gods", were unfortunately prone to constant bickering and fighting amongst themselves. It was through this infighting that they eventually were to devastate a large area of Mesopotamia in 2024 B.C. with the use of a plutonium bomb in an internal power dispute, creating a barren desert in what was a formerly verdant area. Nevertheless, the Nibiruans have since managed to continue to retain a behind the scenes control of Earth right up to our recent times, mainly through their "Secret Government" and Earth's banking and financial institutions. This Secret Government also known as the "Illuminati", mainly led by Earth's most powerful Banking Families, has been a major influence behind many of our major Governments, including the recent U.S. Government Administration. The Nibiruans's old racial name on Earth was the Hibiru, later to become known as the Hebrews, a Race that has always managed to maintain a strong separate identity. However, more recently the Nibiruan's higher controlling 9th Dimensional Council has recently expressed a strong desire to make amends for any past Nibiruan interference on Earth and to give us as much assistance as they can in our forthcoming Earth Changes of the Galactic Center and the Highest Frequencies that are placed within cycles and patterns.


  1. This message does not go into details the extent that "yes" the niburbians failed with their ascension also in the past but now has since been granted from the The creator ways for them to change and set their own families on the correct paths. While we ascend so does the Annunaki.
    Love & Light~!

  2. I agree with the above comment. This post seems a bit vague, but interesting nonetheless.

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