The Higher Ones involved with I.

The Higher Ones involved  with I.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Earth Changes - Ever Changing Planet , Awareness Maps

Earth Changes
Planetary changes due to Nibiru and the Galactic Center.

This is One of the Subjects Many of the Starseeds/lightworkers and or Galactic federation of light family members  do not like talking about, But guess I will.

Earth Is a living Entity and she changes, Even at times purges herself of Bad.

The Ley Lines of Earth are the Indicators of change but depending on mans influences and extensions if it will go in a Positive "Creative" or Negative "Chaotic" Pattern.
While the Earth and the Planets travel around our Sun in the Solar System ,The Sun and all the planets or its extensions also traverse the Much larger Milky Way Galaxy in a known sine wave pattern that goes also through the astrological Set Times "Zodiacs"-We are Entering the Age of Aquarus.
While the Earth follows this set path we are going from above the Eliptical to Below due to the Earth Magnetic Core following the Energies of the Much Larger Galaxy. Yes its alot to do with Plate techtonics one rising and another setting with the ice caps melting due to the suns heat signature changing  but  its alot to do with the Underlying sacred geometric energy flow patterns.
Never in Fear.