The Higher Ones involved with I.

The Higher Ones involved  with I.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chemtrails The Real Phenomena thats not a Conspiracy


More Picture below that speak for them self.

Chemtrails Is a real ongoing phenomena that is  Population control /Sun screen  Yes the spraying of the skies with Barium that's a form of Radiation prevention/protection due to the Earths Position in the Milky Way Galaxy in Conjunction with the Galactic center or "Core" All connected to Earth Changes . Everyone can feel the sun Getting hotter and is visibly noticeable  the Planets and stars brighter this is all due to the Dark Rift in Our galaxy that we are now entering. Think of it as a Pair of Spray on sunglasses but remember its also very Harmful to Humans because of the ingredients and now even more proof of mulitpal Applications from Project Bluebeam Related, False alien Invasion to a  Massive Social Experiment on the way its applied high in the atmosphere making it to our lungs
Realise with Research and awareness to bring much needed Enlightenment to this subject that has a stigma that's so untrue of it being make believe..

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bank Resignations from around the world -The House of Cards continues to Fall Down.

Updated !
Almost 450+ Resignations from around the World.

The House of Cards will continue to Fall.

Realise the Grand Illusion is almost over and All of Mans deceptions and control will be clearly seen by everyone in society. The Extensions and influences of this will be felt everywheres around the world as its shown by these Signs which are the quiting/resignations or firing of Most of the Elite That control the Banking industry.The Mass Awakening Continues of Humanity the closer we approach Zero Point in time And the Galactic center Mans Evolution.
All of this has happened in less then a year !

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Population Control - Agenda 21

Realize the Worlds Elite -NWO-Illuminati  has a plan of ridding most of the planet of Humans.
They openly talk about it.

Agenda 21- Population control.
A Serious Subject that Many don't even wanna Talk About.
Yes realize the "Elite-NWO" Does mention it often and they are the ones who control the worlds foods and medical supplies and militaries of the Earth.
Realize Also they already have taken matters in their own hands and are currently using methods to do so . Mercury CLF Light bulbs,Vaccines,The Foods- Codex Alimentarius Commission,Japanese Fukushima Radiation disaster, The Gulf Disaster "spraying of corexit" And so many more. Research every Keyword that has been given , Don't take my word for it ,YOU must realize this on your own !!!