The Higher Ones involved with I.

The Higher Ones involved  with I.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Galactic Center & Earth Changes in the Age of Aquarius.

Milky Way Galaxy and the Galactic Center  and the age of Aquarius

 I did not align the gregorian calendar to the mayan/aztec this was done by Pope Gregory back in 1582. Whos to say the date was done incorrectly or that in they have done so purposely.
The Julian calendar would have one more day meaning that ANY Date would or could  be the alignment or whenever mans influences and extensions reach this threshold in change.

Its all depends on we Humans .

Think of it as a train leaving the station and going across the country,stopping at many places along the way and some taking longer then others.- the total trip time takes longer. This is almost the same perspective as with the Solar System and  our Sun with her planets travels around the Galaxy.

For almost  the last 40 years the Earth's Frequency has been accelerating due to the Position of Our Solar System and in conjunction with the Galactic center. While the Earth Travels around the Sun, The Sun and our solar system also traverses the Milky Way Galaxy usually in a set pattern considered cycles .Like the Shorter Seasons the larger Astrological zodiacs and alignments  have set periods of time within the Galaxy in cycles and patterns from Transitions

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Compact fluorescent bulbs "CFL Light Bulbs Mercury based" -A Population control Mechanism.

Compact fluorescent bulbs - A Population control Mechanism.

Walk into any store nowadays the shelf's are riddled with CFL'S Which are known as Compact fluorescent bulbs, these curly looking spinning small tubes that are shaped like a regular light bulbs of the past.
Warning they are extremely dangerous and cause Cancer and its well known and still pushed extensively throughout the consumer market. These Light bulbs have Amazing warranties. Usually several years and even up to decades and filled with MERCURY. and other deadly materials

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thompson Park Vortex with Ley lines & Vortecies. Explaining the ancient Power Grid.

  Ancient Ley Lines, Earth Chakras and Vorticies understanding the Ancient Power structure-And the Giant Ancestors

All of the ancient world and most of the Founding fathers when they came to America used long forgotten technology and knowledge passed down to the Protection groups over the years "Freemasons,Illuminati and most occult and Religions" use whats called Sacred geometry for building and building upon in locations for Higher Purposes.These geometric grid patterns lay all over the earth in lines and whats known as Ley lines or a form of  "Feng Shui"
 which flow in the flower of life pattern for A energy field  "Chi" and "And feeling of greatness" Every large city in America was built on these including Watertown,NY .

Friday, May 6, 2011

Understanding the Nibrubian Connection "Annunaki" and Nibiru" Faction of the Galactic Federation of Light~!

After  the sinking of Atlantis, Earth came to be colonized and heavily controlled by yet another extraterrestrial Race, known as the Nibirurans, who created the Sumerian Civilisation in Mesopotamia. They also were known as The Anunnaki ("The Astronauts"), a Race of "Gods" who descended upon Earth from their roving "Battleship Planet" Nibiru in order to mainly exploit our gold mineral resources. The Battle Planet Niburu was originally built in the Pleiades by the Galactic Federation for Galactic peace keeping purposes. Nibiru was constructed as a hollow sphere four-times the size of Planet Earth. Its 4th Dimensional inhabitants live exclusively on the inside, where they have a fully verdant landscape complete with lakes and rivers similar to those on Earth. Nibiru is at present confined, as a Galactic Federation punishment for their interference on Earth, to a permanent orbit ranging from out of our Solar System as far as the Sirius Star cluster to then returning into our Solar System every 3.6 thousand years. At this time it is currently passing through our Solar System, though at present invisibly "cloaked" from our 3rd Dimension Earth vision

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Creation within our Grand Universe "Earth Changes"

The Creation within our Grand Universe

At the center of the known Cosmos within the surrounding Great Void, is the Original Source of all Creation, the Prime Creator and Infinite Spirit. The Prime Creator's prime motivation is one of a loving and creative expansion outwards from itself, constantly creating more and more Universes and material worlds of increasing perfection and beauty inhabited by spiritual elements of Himself. The Prime Creator does this with a great feeling of love for all His creations, and it is this love that drives Him to create more and more harmonious worlds of learning and perfection for the evolution of the "Sparks" of life originating from within Himself.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Flying Saucer Connection and Factions of the Galactic federation of light

Many unfamiliar with the predictions of Earth Changes may nonetheless be aware of the much reported UFO/'Flying Saucer' activity around Earth. Even though Governments continue to cover-up and deny the existence of UFOs, opinion surveys report that in the USA over half the population believe they exist, and over 10,000 UFO sightings are reported annually around other parts of the world. In addition, in recent decades over 10,000 "Crop Circles" of amazingly intricate designs have mysteriously appeared overnight in fields of cereal crops and been recorded on film. We also have to be aware, however, that not all 'Space Ships' making contact with Earth come as Representatives of the Galactic Federation of Light.