The Higher Ones involved with I.

The Higher Ones involved  with I.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Technology of the Ancients

Technology of the Ancients.

Antikythera Mechanism

Ancient Astronomical Greek Computer System Found in a device the size of a Compass that Had a Amazing Ability to Plot and Course the Evening Sky.

Monday, May 7, 2012

No Vaccines- Do Not get Vaccinated,The Deadly Vaccine Push.

The Truth About Vaccines
More Pictures Below that speak for them self.

Drive By Any store or Supermarket,Pharmacy and other retail outlets you see the tell tale sign of the PTB pushing extensively Another Population Control Mechanism "Heavy Vibratory mechanism" within their Agenda 21 Phase.
This is under NWO-Illuminati following on bible prophecy and also The commandments of the Antichrist known as the Georgia Guidestones- "Key piece of the puzzle"
These Vaccines are Mercury,Aluminum and other Metals and foreign compounds that do not belong in the human body no matter what.They all do cause harm and even death over time from the continuing buildup of these deadly Metals in the concoctions.

Most all Vaccines are a form of population control under the guidelines of Agenda 21 by NATO