The Higher Ones involved with I.

The Higher Ones involved  with I.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Compact fluorescent bulbs "CFL Light Bulbs Mercury based" -A Population control Mechanism.

Compact fluorescent bulbs - A Population control Mechanism.

Walk into any store nowadays the shelf's are riddled with CFL'S Which are known as Compact fluorescent bulbs, these curly looking spinning small tubes that are shaped like a regular light bulbs of the past.
Warning they are extremely dangerous and cause Cancer and its well known and still pushed extensively throughout the consumer market. These Light bulbs have Amazing warranties. Usually several years and even up to decades and filled with MERCURY. and other deadly materials

 Mercury is a extreme poison that can build over years and cause major problems with the Nervous system and even the immune system. The companies that build and distribute these lethal light bulbs understands the situation totally on the health risks and even death caused by, but they continue to use them and are actually remove all remaining older bulbs from the market and from the assembly plants.  "A family that cannot afford the healthy bulbs will be at risk"Totally knowing and understanding that many families base their buying purchases on cost, and this will sort out the Population Control.

Remember the Elite-NWO-Illuminati is so Egotistical that Materialism is everything to them, that means Money-That is by The Price ~ !

This is a smokescreen and being pushed on the Internet to deter you from buying the much safer led light bulbs.  This is not completely true, while they have the ability to spy on you and record audio they do not have the right components to do so ..

So why is it said then?
To keep you from buying the much safer led .
They want you using the Mercury filled CFL.

Starting Jan 1st of the year 2014
The phase-out of The regular incandescent of the past will start.



From booster shots, Swine flu shots, Dental fillings,Lightbulbs etc etc etc. They make shure you get your daily poison.

Now Mercury itself is a wonderous Element, its a liquid/metal that has many metaphysical elements from Anti gravity to Plasma Weapons...

Mercury gets excited and volatile when electricity runs through . This causes it to changes states "from liquid to gaseous and that makes this very dangerous as it permeates out through the glass enclosure.

And also just the proper disposal of these Fixtures are Extremely Dangerous to the Environment Not Just to Us but EVERYTHING even our drinking Water.

Modern Eugenics Exposed - CFL light bulbs are poisoning us 
Video proving  how they radiate out from the glass enclosure when turned on .

Another Major Issue with CFL light bulbs is the amazing Warranties and then also the factor of Common Weathering from everyday Use these Break down  quickly from the heat the effects of Air Particles causing Whats known as Rust and that's causes the structure integrity that makes even the Poison escape quicker then normal use. Example.


Dangers of low level Murcury CFL'S

NEW-'We will not pick up toxic new bulbs': Councils say energy-saving lights are too dangerous for binmen

New-Mercury Drives People Crazy - British Dental association

Notice the wording- They got the information for the article from me.

CFLs, Dirty Electricity and Bad Science

Understanding The Dangers of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

How Mercury Causes Neurodegeneration (Brain Damage)

University of Calgary Canada

CFL bulbs proven seriously DANGEROUS

More On mercury

Dangerous CFL light bulbs to be forced on consumers

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Release Cancer-Causing Chemicals
Send Your Light Bulbs To Washington

US sales of CFLs have fallen since 2007
Why/? ...Because People are understanding the deception!

Are Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs Dangerous?
Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs – The Dangers of CFLs
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Release Cancer-Causing Chemicals


CFL Dangers Video's

CFL Mercury Light Bulbs Can Cause Cancer

Our Government is making us buy dangerous light bulbs

Toxic Lights CFL energy saving lightbulbs, toxic chemicals


     Rays of Rash: Toxic light bulb investigation part 1

         Dirty Energy: Toxic light bulb investigation part 2


Compact fluorescent bulbs release cancer-causing chemicals when turned on, says new research


Note- If no Materials are listed on the packaging they are mercury filled -90 percent of these shaped bulbs are.
A replacement  led Light bulbs.

Government Bans Regular light bulbs -
Think about it ,These are safe and cheap but yet they pulled them and now say only the expensive or cheap ones...

While the LED light bulbs are alot more expensive then the much cheaper CFL and this is the main way of seperating good/bad .The Elite is so Egotistical they use Money as a method of -The more expensive the better it is for ya "Remember that".

Pictures that speak for themselves



YES It Is Dangerous!!





  1. wow// ive heard of this .. i guess ill have to revisit this issue.. we got hlafhalf at my hauz

  2. I know of stuff like this, that's why I have plane's and helicopter's flying (discreetly) over my house all the time...
    also why my family experiences black outs that (mysteriously) happen in our neighbourhood...

  3. I've been reading a lot of issues about CFLs and the danger it may bring. I don't know if I already need to change my bulbs at home. All of my bulbs are CFLs. My contractor who took his Contractors Continuing Education said that LED is much better to use.

  4. Thank you for the comment, Agenda 21 and Nato with the Elite NWO-Illuminati and their control mechanisms and what they wish to do with the masses of society- Georgia guidestones another key puzzle piece that others wish to see the pieces of reality and find a true perception .

  5. I'm also interested in the LED lights for cars and house decoration

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  8. Thank You Malik ,
    I say to people never take my word for it , you must find the truth yourself.
    Seeing is believing. Never let cognitive dissidence get to you .
    These are just research points of interest people still need to dig deep and use their own discernment and digest the information and never dismiss.

    I also have blogs on 911, chemtrails, vaccines, gmo and many other subjects if your interested in the rabbit hole and finding the truth .

    Awareness and Enlightenment goes hand in hand. -