The Higher Ones involved with I.

The Higher Ones involved  with I.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Galactic Center and Your Vibrational state- What you need to know and Do

The Galactic Centers "Core" and its Highest frequencies -how you fare within Them,


As we approach the Dec 21,2012 and your state of Body ,Mind and your Soul  does Matter much and we will discuss what to expect and do and how you can higher your state for a safe ride though the center.

Things that lower your Vibration are from Music and media to the foods you consume.The drugs you take and or chemicals and compounds that are used everyday.  

Here's a list of Heavy Vibratory mechanisms..

5 MEDIA /MUSIC    The negative ones.
6 FOODS that are heavy in metals.
  7. GMO Genetically Modified Organisms .They are DNA manipulated and More control Mechanisms,
8 The Fluoride in Public Water,Toothpaste and many foods now. "While this effect isnt lowering your vibration it covers and calcifies the Pineal Gland"  that would be A major Chakra in the body your 3rd eye.
9. The Pharmaceutical Market and Drugs.

Proof Vaccines Killing People

Mike Adams - Andrew Wakefield - Vaccines -part 1

Mike Adams - Andrew Wakefield - Vaccines -part 2

2 CFL LIGHT BULBS "Mercury Based"

I have a whole blog on this subject .

3. Microwave Ovens
Why did the Russians Ban an Appliance Found in 90% of American Homes?


Microwave radiation dangers in your home -

Microwave radiation: the silent attacker that is destroying your mind

Article - Microwave water see what it does to plants.

Microwave ovens, cellular phones, and cancer risks

Is This Common Kitchen Appliance Harming Your Health?



4 Aluminum Cans and other Products.

5 Media/Music/News

6 Foods..

Codex alimentarius commission

Codex & Nutricide

9. The Pharmaceutical Market and over the counter drugs.

Children's medicines coated with brain-damaging aluminum

WORK IN PROGRESS  Come back Soon !


  1. Hey Bob, you forgot to take your medication today

  2. I have the ability to see the statistics for the people who come apon my blog,this means I know your Ip address please do not do this again.

    Ps. No medicine what so ever here and next time try to disprove what I say instead of your obvious issue with A person you dont know.

    Take this as a confirmation people- Try to take the high road on Understanding Issues then taking the low road.

  3. I'm not trying to rag you dude like the rest. Read the post about the micro-wave water plant deal. It's stated that it's false in the post. The mercury filled meds has been around to long dude, I agree. It's been on the table for years.

  4. Ray I can go onto a youtube video all day long and Write that anything is false, thats what the powers that be does, they filter the shit and make you go nuts finding the truth. Microwaves are deadly they are banned in many countries look into it, take some microwave water and then cool it take to clippings and see what one lives after a day or two this is the same effect it has in the human body. I been looking into this stuff more then 10 minutes I have years and decades of research behind me. This blog isnt even really started yet as Im so busy doing other things too.I post so many things a day and have so many other outlets it can be long time before I can post and work on these things. I just listed many links on the liveat5 chat blog so others can look and into it and research further. Remember when you go to a american search engine they sorta or try to filter this stuff out. Anyone that thinks these things are not true and just drama needs to realize its real and staring them in the face. There is so many things they give us now thats not good for us and making things for the worse when we approach 2012. Rememeber think about it if 911 is a inside job and the nwo did it to create fear its working with hundreds of millions of people and so many are now judging another ..Creating seperations just like they want. Go through the posts and articles anything you need help with Ray im here.. Il try to look at what you said when I get a chance. Its like that anywheres on facebook or youtube though its he said she said and until it comes from the horses mouth or unrefutable proof by probabilities.

  5. ps. here is another link and Ill get to the other. Google or research key words Microwave oven clippings..

    This is common sense and showing it being deadly

  6. Its referenced because of the valuable information, sorry when I get time I'll try to replace. Ignore that aspect and look at the deeper picture.Also research further on your own.

  7. PS. I just looked over that link not once he asks for anything, Anywheres on the page .So If a google ad comes up thats with google not with that site.

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  10. Whats alex jones and icke have to do with science and proof of the bads that are listed? I dunno where your going with this and why your commenting with diffrent names . I see your Ip and know this is the same person. Thanks for your input but Ill go with science anyday and the reference and proof thats brought forwards syracuse commenter

    1. You say I have to proof you wrong. I am going down the logical and IQ route. Answer my question about the Chinese. And I heard all this before from Jesse the body Ventura. What you are saying is nothing new..But for the record I though Clinton was a great President so i guess i will be going to the darkside. Life is life . Live it man. So lets say everything you say is true. Didnt everyone like you say Y2K was real? And i put my name on it and kept going with the same subject so I hope you are smart enough to figure it out that its the same person. I would not need a computer to tell me it was the same person. p.s. what type of computer do you know? Is not steve jobs and gates part of the new world order? Wait you built your own everything so you are pure. And let me guess Jobs never really dies either did he? My point is anyone can find any number of facts to skew it to look however they want it to.

  11. and i live in watertown so good job with the syracuse comment lol

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  13. Ok whatever I have it recored and it came up as syracuse. If your a local just here to cause problems. Check your IP

    1. ever consider i could be on a work computer stationed out of Syracuse and im just having convo with you. I am not making fun of you at all and you still wont answer any of my questions you just want everyone to take what you say for the end all be all. what make you right over everyone else?

  14. Im not here for personal bashes and as ive said what the hell does icke or alex jones have to do with scientific facts. Keep to the subject at hand apples to oranges. Im on a defensive when someone comes to my blog and starts to post and write then change their name and act like someone else its not gonna happen here. Stick to the the bad vibratory mechanisms listed. Whatever your agenda is isnt not with me.

    1. they talk like you. and those are people who you look up too which is fine but i showed you proof of what that is called which is a scientific term

  15. maybe i have many resources to change identities and hide my real lp.. I mean my father and brother have high security clearance access for their jobs in the government. maybe i should just ask them. they have resources to know if what you say is true and they would be more knowledgeable than you are. but you think i am just lying though.

  16. Thats a placebo effect sorry, we can make anything into a conspiracy.

    It’s usually said that all truth will pass through 3 stages.

    The first stage will be denial.

    The second stage being extreme violent opposition.

    And the 3rd stage being widespread acceptance as common knowledge.

    One group of people will absolutely deny that what they're seeing could possibly be true.

    The second group of people will be violently opposed to this kind of information being released, and they'll do everything that they can to discredit the messenger, rather than pay attention to the message. (Sounds like some commenters)

    Then a third group of people who will sit back in their easy chairs and say, “I'm not surprised, I knew it all along.

    Understanding Word association -

    I will say a word. you finish the sentence Conspiracy " ----"

    Whats the first thing you think of ,and comes to mind ??? ........ "Theory"

    We've all been conditioned to associate the word theory with the word conspiracy because after all, no conspiracies could possibly be true, they’re all just “theories” aren’t they~!!??

    2 Words- First Conspiracy - Then the Active word "Theory"

    By definition, a theory is a supposition, an idea, a concept, a hypothesis. Let me give you an example.

    In theory, "if I purchase a lottery ticket I could win a prize. Now as long as I don’t purchase a ticket, my win is theoretical"


    Once you purchase a Lottery ticket, the win is no longer a theory, it becomes a possibility. And the more tickets you purchase, the more possible and eventually -probable, the win does become...

    Such is the case with a Conspiracy theory. As long as there is no evidence, it is a conspiracy theory.

    But once you have a piece of evidence no matter how flimsy or circumstantial it may be, it becomes a possibility.

    And the more evidence that is gathered, the more possible and eventually probable the conspiracy is.

    So under them variables- am I talking Conspiracy "theory" Or a Conspiracy "probability".

    Ask yourself

    In Every Conspiracy therory is it likely the amount of evidence provided its not considered a PROBABILITY

  17. Prove the science wrong are you that ignorant. Who care what conspiracies there is Ive heard enough to keep your ears ringing for a year.I dont believe them all, I go with science and whats brought forward disprove microwaves are not bad for you where this convo all started from. take a house plant and get two clippings and take one with microwave water then the other with regular see what one lives ! thats basic science and you cannot refute that..goodluck on your truth!

  18. paranoid who comes to my blog acting like someone else and then change the name several times in the convo your the one who needs help!

  19. Howdy! Pleasant stuff, do update me as often as possible when you post again something like this! microwave radiation

  20. Have another Blog on CFL lightbulbs which are just as dangerous and or wifi signals and also cellphones.

    Everything that is used to lower a persons vibrational state is considered a heavy vibratory control mechanism and though electromagnetism is just one danger many others also like GMO fastfood , fluoride and or vaccines... PS..Thank you for the comments !!