The Higher Ones involved with I.

The Higher Ones involved  with I.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dimensions for the simple Minded & Advanced -Earth's Frequency/Dimension - Set "Schumann Resonance"~!

Explaining the Dimensional world we are  currently in and understand the new one we are about to enter.
We are in a 3rd dimensional world and see everything from a 4th dimensional point known as time.

   TIme is the 4th dimension..

While Earth rushes for its ending cycle which is the end of time, We will experience something diffrent .Time will be removed , we will see it in a whole diffrent aspect.

Im not the first person who spoke of this- Many thoughtout time has from Einstein to Plato and so many many more.

Earth is 3rd dimension while we experience everything from the 4th dimension known as Time.
This rift is created when everything We see and interact with is our Set frequency this is known as the Schumann Resonance.

Set Frequency for everything on Earth - Schumann Resonance

So much about 2012 is the highering of this set frequency because of the Galactic center -
Heres my blog explaining in details on this subject -Which is connected and part of The final Event known as the End of Time.

More on Dimensions - Our living in the reality of the 4th and culminating to the 5th.

First Carl_Sagan he was an American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author and science popularizer and science communicator in the space and natural sciences.

This man has had one of the greatest impacts on my life from my early childhood .
The series .Cosmos
Here is a link from hulu with all episodes.

Carl Sagans Webpage..

Anyways back to dimensions. The information I speak of is not common knowledge -Unless one looks for it themself.

In mathematics and physics, the dimension of a space or object is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify each point within it.[1][2] Thus a line has a dimension of one because only one coordinate is needed to specify a point on it. A surface such as a plane or the surface of a cylinder or sphere has a dimension of two because two coordinates are needed to specify a point on it (for example, to locate a point on the surface of a sphere you need both its latitude and its longitude). The inside of a cube, a cylinder or a sphere is three-dimensional because three co-ordinates are needed to locate a point within these spaces.

Explaining our 4th dimensinal reality .

Carl Sagan Explaining The 4th dimension.Must watch video to explain

part 2

Michio Kaku on Dimensions
part 2
part 3

Steven Hawkings on Dimensions.

Albert Einstein .

Fabric of TIme, and the Fourth Dimension .A Einstein.


Hypercubes and platos cave.  Remember Carl sagan talking on 4th dimension and used the aspect of the hypercube..

New Video,,, Cern "HALDRON COLLIDER"
Proving even higher dimensions then 5th .

Scientists at the CERN research center say their "Big Bang" project is going beyond all expectations and the first proof of the existence of dimensions beyond the known four could emerge next year

5th dimension

Now you understand the 5th dimension is in reality information, in nature its how time changes and it can be viewed from one aspect to another without boundries.

2012-Highering of the  Schumann resonance
Transformation of Man-Evolution
For advanced Radical thinkers only.

The third and fourth dimensions of the Outer Creation are collectively called the Galactic Underworld. It is called the Underworld because it effectively exists under the fifth dimensional starting point of Creation. The entirety of the cosmos Man sees with their eyes and instruments is ought but Galactic Underworld and nothing more. The main of Creation sits above the Underworld in frequencies to high for third dimensional eyes and telescopes to observe.
The third dimensional physical plane materialization in visible light and fourth dimensional complex of astral frequencies normally has no one in it. Rather, the third and fourth dimensions are the engine room of the Outer Creation, where the lower frequency Matter Substance materializations of the third and fourth dimension allow the higher frequency societal materializations of the fifth and seventh dimensions to be upheld.
The Outer Creation exists as the expansion of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance upon a composite of background cubistic fields. Super Universe bubbles exist because each Master Spirit of Creation projected their respective cubistic Super Universe background fields of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance.
Local Universes exist within the Super Universe fields because Creative Son/Daughters projected cubistic Local Universe background fields of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance into the Super Universe fields.
Local Solar Sectors exist within the Local Universe fields because fifth dimensional Local Solar System administrators in co-ordination with the Creative Son/Daughters set up respective cubistic background fields of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance within the Local Universe fields.
Solar systems exist within the Local Solar Sector fields because ninth dimensional Whole Soul Atoms projected their Ovarian Atoms down through the eighth dimensional portal to set up appropriate background fields of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance for Starrs and Planets within the Local Solar Sector fields.
Nineteenth century scientists began calling these collective fields the 'Ether' then errantly abandoned the concept. That called Ether has its most concentrated effect in the fourth dimension.
The first four dimensions are the lowest frequency of the background fields. They are called the Galactic Underworld because as Starrgram 7 clearly shows they are knitted together in a completely different manner than the higher fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions, where a decided logical cubistic differentiation occurs between the compositions of the lower four dimensions and the higher fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions.
For being the dimension of expansion, the fourth dimension is not like the other dimensions of the Outer Creation which are single level octaves only. Rather, the fourth dimension mirrors the Outer Creation as a whole. The Outer Creation comprises Seven Super Universes each having seven dimensions. The fourth dimension comprises seven sub octaves each having seven distinct frequency levels.
The frequencies and progressions are the same as the seven outer dimensions, namely Intelligence, Energy, Substance, Substance/Energy, Substance/Intelligence, Intelligence/Energy, and Intelligence/Energy/Substance.
The seven sub octaves can be depicted in the same manner as the seven Super Universes of Fig. 53 of Starrgram 6 for being of the same order of rule. As per the original depiction, the changes are oriented clockwise starting with the sub octave of Intelligence at the three o'clock position and ending with Triune Triune in the middle. (Fig. 71).
Fig. 71 - The Seven Octaves of the Fourth Dimension

In fig. 71 each sub octave is higher in frequency than the one below. The third dimensional cubit, not shown, would sit under the fourth dimensional triune triune cubit at the center of the configuration.

The seven fourth dimensional sub octaves each have the seven frequencies within it as levels, following in the same order of hierarchy. Comprised therefore are the seven times seven equals forty nine astral states or so called astral planes of the fourth dimension. Each level is likewise higher in frequency than the one below, mirroring the Outer Creation as a whole shown in fig.  54 of Starrgram 6. (Fig. 72).

Fig. 75 - The Forty Nine Astral States of the Fourth Dimension

In the depiction, the seven cubits depicted inside each sub octave are the levels, where as before the first level of every sub octave starts at the three o'clock position.
If the seventh dimension has mostly to do with spirituality, the third and fourth dimensions have mostly to do with meat and potatoes.
In its basic function, the third dimension prepares Tiny Particles of Substance directly from the Even Pool into workable sized manifestations of Matter Substance through the governance of Intelligence at the lowest level, that Energy be equalized with Intelligence at the highest level in order to produce the expanding Pure Christ Consciousness of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter.
The third dimension is the foundation stone of the Outer Creation. It both anchors the Outer Creation and underpins the fourth and fifth dimensions. It does not anchor the Inner Creation as the Inner Creation had already existed.
Inter-dimensionally, the creative plans for the Outer Creation come down from the top through the respective channels. The nuts and bolts of the Outer Creation have their start at the very bottom of the third dimension as bullion base, where the third dimension interfaces directly with the eighteenth dimension. In effect forming a grand closed loop from the Even Pool at the top of Creation on down, and back to it directly at the very bottom of Creation.
At the bottom of the third dimension a complex interaction occurs between specific frequencies of the Creators from their original Dark Even Pool self,  the assorted Super Universe, Local Universe, Local Solar Sector, and Solar System projected fields involved, and some of the frequencies of Alpha and Omega from their Cube and Sphere projection and higher.
Through the collaboration, aggregations of Tiny Particles of Substance from the Great Even Pool of Darkness spontaneously precipitate into fragments of Matter Substance at the bottom of the third dimension. Seeming to pop into existence. The fragments likewise spontaneously dissipate back into the Tiny Particles seeming to suddenly disappear back out of existence.
Because of the specific purpose of the overriding layers of consciousnesses in the background fields, gradually more of the Tiny Particles of Substance coalesce into Matter Substance fragments than dissipate. Although based on frequencies of light because of the accumulating background fields and levels of consciousness involved, the Matter Substance fragments have not been purified or refined within the migratory channels from the top on down. Consequently Matter Substance is of a much rawer and cruder form of Substance than that of the fifth dimension and up.
Scientists have long sought a frame of reference for absolute zero and absolute rest. It is at hand. Because the eighteenth dimension of the Even Pool is homogeneously the same in all directions without end and has no native Energy, it stands as absolute rest and absolute zero.
When the Tiny Particles of Substance precipitate into a Matter Substance fragment, they become swept along as part and parcel of the local environment into which they have precipitated. The difference between the relative motion of the local environment against the absolute rest of the Even Pool becomes incorporated as their initial momentum component.
Under influence of the background fields, their frequencies likewise harmonize with the local environment such that the difference between the absolute temperature of the Even Pool and the net ambient temperature of the local environment becomes incorporated into the fragments as their initial thermodynamic component. The Energies are taken from the radial staff and rod matrix interactions of the second dimensional octave.
When the precipitating fragments suddenly precipitate, they precipitate as varying clumps of the Tiny Particles. The precipitations occur in the third dimensional background fields, including the appropriate auric counterparts.
Intelligence and Substance are the only two polarities in existence. When the precipitating clumps of Tiny Particles pop into existence they instantly meet the all encompassing presence of the first dimensional Intelligence aspect of the background fields head on with nowhere to go. A tension is instantly set up through the differences in polarity.
As the fragments themselves subsequently clump together within the fields, the tension increases until the clump suddenly snaps into spin to relieve the tension as a direct conversion into angular momentum. The clumps are from the third dimension and the angular momentum is from the staff and rod Energy connections of the second dimension.
Depending on the amount of clumping and exact micro environmenting within the field at the exact instant of snap, a clump will spin in one direction or the other and the amount of the angular momentum will be according to the size of the clump and rate of spin.
The bottom of Creation makes similar direct contact with the Intelligent Breath of the Even Pool of Darkness. Under additional net conditions, a unit of Breath can also be captured in with some of the spinning bodies, plicked in during the snap. When it likewise meets the all encompassing Substance presence of the clump, it converts into raw light as a formed unit of electrical charge and binds to the spinning body as a first dimensional component.
Attraction in static charges comes from the Intelligent Breath, not from the Tiny Particles. The Tiny Particles in the Even Pool are not attracted to one another. Every Tiny Particle is an island unto itself but are collectively conscious as Omega.
The Intelligent Breath is a single vibrating whole, conscious as Alpha. There is no part of the Even Pool at large where the single vibrating whole of Intelligent Breath is not present in some form or another. No part of Intelligence can ever be fully separated from the single vibrating whole.
When Intelligence is pried apart, it stays cohesively connected to itself, if even by a hairline tether. All Soul Atoms in projection always remain connected to source through their Alpha factor. The so called golden cord.
When plicked the charge state comprises a fusion between the Breath, and Energy from the Energy level in the first sub octave background field of the fourth dimension.
Even though each charge is a unit it stays tied to the Intelligent Breath. It also stays tethered to the first dimensional background fields through quantum interactions which confuses a lot of scientists.
The assorted precipitating matter fragments and charge states themselves eventually interact, gradually coalescing into the subatomic or fundamental particles of Ordinary Matter Substance. In some literatures the subatomic particles are referred to as fermions. The fermions eventually coalesce into elementary particles such as protons, neutrons, and electrons. And finally into atoms, molecules, and mass.
The lower frequency Energies of the lower four dimensions come from the collective background fields of the Co-Creative intentions of the Soul Atom projectors and are interred into the fragments from the fields when they precipitate and not until.
The Great Even Pool of Darkness itself is completely devoid of Energy. Mixed vibrations of the Breath and Particles in consciousness do not produce Energy. The mixed vibrations produce light, and light per se'  is not Energy. Light allowed Energy to be begotten. Energy was created by the Creators after the fact, as a planed combination of frequencies of the Particles and consciousness of Alpha and a combination of the frequencies of the Breath and consciousness of Omega in their fifteenth dimensionality, and Energy has no actual existence above the sixteenth dimension and only partial in the sixteenth.
Likewise, the Crisscrossing lines in the Omega portion of the sixteenth dimension are not yet raised to Energy as there are no positive polarity  contacts within the Substance portion to interact with. The positive and negative polarities of the respective Upper and Lower Triangles present within the sixteenth dimension, remain separate within the separated frequencies of Alpha and of Omega as they are not unified as the interactive Starr of David until the fifteenth dimension.
Preliminary Energies of gravity and magnetic attractions are likewise interred into the precipitating fragments, derived from the upper fourth dimensional Starrs of David Energy presences within the background fields, enhanced from the Energy presences within the second dimension and Intelligence frequencies of the first.
The main flow of Energy from the seventh dimension to the fourth is through the Starrs of David continuity which remains continuous throughout. The conduction is electromagnetic. From the seventh to the fifth it is spiritually oriented. From the fifth to the fourth it is magnetic.
The interface into the fourth dimension is through the higher auric fields of the ferrous metals, iron, cobalt, and nickel. The atomic weights of iron, cobalt, and nickel, are twenty six, twenty seven, and twenty eight respectively.
Within the forty nine levels of the fourth dimension, the first twenty one levels are from the first three sub octaves of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance. Adding in the first four levels of the fourth sub octave brings it to twenty two, twenty three, twenty four, and twenty five respectively. The next three levels are the three higher auric levels of the fourth sub octave, bringing the numbers up to twenty six, twenty seven, and twenty eight, the respective atomic weights of iron, cobalt, and nickel.
Atoms of iron, cobalt, and nickel are present in the cellular structures of all living things including Starrs and Planets, serving to distribute the Starrs of David Energies throughout the lower dimensions at large. Electromagnetics is the main factor holding the lower material realms together, not gravity and mass.
Consciousness polarity and physical polarity work oppositely to each other. In the polarities of consciousness likes attract. In the polarities of physics they repel. In the original electro-magnetic flux set up by the Creators within their unification, like polarities attracted and opposites repelled as the means for enabling continuing movements of consciousness between them as Creativity. As figs. 4 to 8 of Starrgram 2 clearly shows, expansion within the electromagnetic field of the Starr of David within a cubit was established strictly on this basis.

The original magnetic attraction between the polarities was also used in setting up the Starr of David through the Upper and Lower Triangle polarities. Whereby opposite polarities attracted. The respective top  and bottom poles of the Starr of David result from that effect as harmoniously flowing electromagnetic lines of force.

In any cubistic matrix, a negative Starr end always connects to a positive Starr end. This allows the electromagnetic field of the cubit at the one Starr end to flow harmoniously into the electromagnetic field of the cubit at the connecting Starr end.  (Fig. 73).

Fig. 75 - Opposite Poles in a Cubistic Matrix and Physical Magnets

Much info on harmonic dimensions from Projections, Canada, 1998-2010. All rights reserved

It can be difficult to think outside the box and learn something new thats not suppose to be common knowledge of society.

Tell your friends about me,  Open your eyes and your mind to what is, and soon your heart will follow.
Love & Light~!!

Work in progress... come back soon~!!


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