The Higher Ones involved with I.

The Higher Ones involved  with I.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Truth , Explaining a Conspiracy theory thats are actual Conspiracy Possible.

“It’s  said that all truth will pass through 3 stages.
The first stage  will be  denial.
The second stage being  extreme violent opposition.
And the 3rd stage being widespread acceptance as common knowledge.

One group of people will absolutely deny that what they're seeing could possibly be true.

The second group of people will be violently opposed to this kind of information being released, and they'll do everything that they can to discredit the messenger, rather than pay attention to the message. (This sound like the few local callers)

And yet there will probably be a third group of people who will sit back in their easy chairs and say, “I'm not surprised, I knew it all along.

Understanding Word association - 

I will say a word.   you finish the sentence      Conspiracy " ----"      

Whats the first thing you think of ,and comes to mind ???  ........ "Theory"

We've all been conditioned to associate the word theory with the word conspiracy because after all, no conspiracies could possibly be true, they’re all just “theories” aren’t they~!!??

2 Words- First Conspiracy  -  Then the Active word "Theory"

By definition, a theory is a supposition, an idea, a concept, a hypothesis. Let me give you an example.

 In theory "if I purchase a raffle ticket I could win a prize. Now as long as I don’t purchase a raffle ticket, my win is theoretical"
Once you purchase a raffle ticket, the win is no longer a theory, it becomes a possibility. And the more raffle tickets you purchase, the more possible, and eventually–probable, the win becomes...

Such is the case with a conspiracy theory.

As long as there is no evidence, it is a conspiracy theory.

But once you have a piece of evidence, no matter how flimsy or circumstantial it may be, it becomes a possibility. And the more evidence that is gathered, the more possible and eventually probable the conspiracy is.

So under them notions am I talking Conspiracy "theory"  Or a Conspiracy "probability".

Understand the truth and what the true deception is.

Love & Light~!!!


  1. You know what the other callers were trying to do to you? Get your goat. Sometimes...even though it's have to say O well they know nothing and are going to never know anything. It's funny....frack them.


  2. Hey ray its ok, I understand where they are coming from. I know this information is hard to swallow, I dont like doing it either.
    I must continue and eventually the anger will fill with questions and hopefully wanting answers.

    Its ok bud dont say anything let me be the lightening rod and take in the negative.

    Thank you RAY , It means alot~!!