The Higher Ones involved with I.

The Higher Ones involved  with I.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Major event. the end of Times DeCember 21,2012 Explained.

The Major event , The end of Times DeCember 21,2012 Explained.

I will explain this in terms that are perceivable by the human mind, so that readers can visualize how they are going to be a part of the greatest major event in human history.

The information within this post is obviously not my own, so the credit is not my own. Read each paragraph slowly to understand it before moving forward and you will see how important YOU truly are within the grand design of the Universe.

The Earth is a bi-product of the creation process within the universe, as is all planets. The sun is a design that naturally supports, sustains growth, and maintains the animation of the planets, and all the inhabitants whose bodies form as mere extensions of the planet.

The Universe is an environment, one that is inhabited by non physical beings or more appropriately called spirit consciousness. The magic of all creation is invisible to the perceptions of the human design, yet it is “the invisible” that sustains all human design.

The Universe began with a mere thought, a thought to experience an environment, a bubble, one that allowed the first Creator to sense an existence. The Creative force or first Creator, thought into existence more spirits of awareness. They were born by the mere thought of their birth, to share the experience of existence within the environment of the Universe. The magic of all creation is that all thought naturally produces itself, in an order that is properly positioned within the bubble of the Universe.

All planets, and all suns were thought into existence. All existences are first thought into existence. There is no big bang event, and if the big bang is a consideration, it would be symbolic of a blast of thoughts that formed into existence. Understand this now, there is no physical explanation of a non physical environment.

The Universe is a composition of thought process, and all materializations within the Universe become a memory or a position within the Universe. All existences remain in a constant position, within the constantly expanding bubble of a Universe, one that expands exponentially by all collective thoughts. Our thoughts constantly form the new births of invisible cells that naturally become part of the creative process within the Universe.

All planets and suns began as a microscopic seed, a seed that began sweeping the invisible elements of the Universe into their environment, and they were built from there, growing into a matured environment, no different than a human body forms from nothing into a matured illusion. Our physical design is no different than the planet that creates our physical illusion, it is a formation of invisible cells that form together to create the illusion of physical existence.

Physical science tries to explain creation in a physical sense, but physical science can not explain the invisible environment that creates the physics of physical illusion. Existence in physical form is perceived as reality, but it is the invisible that gives birth, nurtures and maintains the illusion of this perception of reality, when in fact, it is a formation of the invisible and therefore an illusion.

All planets were first thought into existence, and their environments formed as doors for the spirits of the Universe to enter and experience the illusion of physical existence. Different planets offer different environments, and therefore, the bodies that are created within that planet, will be designed in accordance with the consciousness of that planet. Therefore, the bodily constructions may be different from inhabitants of other planets, but rest assured, they are ALL designed to experience the temporary illusion of physical existence, by using the sensory that is inherited by the physical design within the planet.

Read this very slowly to understand! The Universe is a composition of invisible cells that distribute information instantly by thought, and all thoughts within the Universe are seeds that form. All thoughts constantly create an expanding bubble with no beginning or end point, thoughts form a Universe that inflates exponentially with every second. All new existences are properly positioned into existence within the whole of Universal process, therefore they may not materialize within the realm where they are thought.

All spirits are first born within the non physical environment of the Universe, and they were born with independent ability to experience manifestations of existence. Spirits have the choice to enter a planet environment and experience the illusion of physical manifestation within, but only for a temporary period. This is a natural design of the Universe to only permit physical illusion for a brief period to ensure the spirit can return.

The Earth has been broadcasting a major event and many spirits have chosen to temporarily manifest here to participate in this event. The physical inhabitants of the Earth throughout history have called for a Messiah, by thought alone, and their collective conscious has desired and called for a major event. This collective desire was and is for an event that involves a Messiah to exact justice against the injustices within the planet.

These thoughts from Earth resonate throughout the Universe, and are frequencies that can be heard by all spirits. These thoughts can be channelled separate from interference from other planets, and likewise, the thoughts from within other planets can also be channelled independently from Earth. It was not technology and the broadcast of television that first invited physical beings from the other planets to come here, it was our frequency of thoughts that was received by the Universe, which naturally created a response from other visitors to come here.
This still may be too hard to understand, it may defy your logic of physical explanation; however, physical understanding of a higher level of existence in non physical form within the environment of the Universe is all a part of the master design. Most physical beings that are visiting this environment do not even understand what originally brought them here, as they believe it is all a part of the natural order of science expedition. They believe that their purpose for arriving here was by free will to travel, however, they are puppets of the Universe, and are also a part of the design as a whole.

Now, to simplify the understanding of the timeline you are experiencing on Earth right now, you must understand that one law of attraction is simply put, crowds attract! Go by a desolate mall and you are NOT enticed to enter, but go by a mall with a massive crowd and a major sign promising a big event, you are stopping in to become a part of the event.

The same can be said throughout the Universe. We all, including our ancestors and recent deceased grandparents, all collectively have broadcast the desire for a major event. We have enticed other visitors from other planetary environments to visit here, in much higher volumes than previous throughout this history here. Our thoughts called out and by natural design and reaction, they came. They offered human beings advanced technologies and deeper understandings of sciences to “unknowingly” help us achieve the big movie event, as we have collectively thought and desired into existence.

The collective calls of the here and now can symbolically be seen in Hollywood design, where movies create super beings here to save us, they create catastrophe events, and those movies break record sales because they attract major crowds. This is what we are all here for. This is why we came. This is a natural law of attraction. This is why other physical races of existence from other environments have been travelling here in abundance, beyond their past reasoning to visit here. It is all part of the natural order of the Universe, as a response to the thoughts that have been resonating throughout.

The “|physical beings” that visit this planet are not designed from the elements of the Earth and can not sustain their physical existence here. They are extensions of the environment they physically formed within, so visitation here is very temporary for those beings, which helps to understand why their excursions inside the atmosphere are short.

The non physical beings that visit this planet, well, they are not physical and can not be perceived by the human design, nor the bi-product designs that humans have manifested from the elements of Earth. Humans will not perceive their existence as visitors here, but rest assured, they are here and they are here to witness the collective desires come into fruition. They have come to witness the event as promised on the Giant Earth Billboard, and are here in non physical form without fear of harm, no different than a dream. The dream of Earth is no different to the non physical spirits of the Universe as is a movie being played out on stage in front of our eyes here on Earth, it is just an illusion.

The leaders here, or so called leaders of planet Earth, are mere puppets under the collective desire to have a force of evil that will be conquered by the Messiah and the grand event. They are mere actors playing out their roles as desired and predicted throughout the ages. We are all here now. The Earth is ripe with maturity of inhabitants that are here to form the juices within the fruit of planet Earth. We have all come here to ripen the fruit for consumption, and consumption will be achieved in the Grand Event.

The Earth is a consumption environment, and we are all born into the environment where our bodies also require us to consume of the Earth to lubricate, nurture and maintain the body for a temporary phase. However, our bodies belong as elements of the Earth as they were formed and created from the very elements of the Earth, and will remain here.

Understand that Earth was created within a Universe that creates everything from the invisible. All air elements, all water and all soil within it have the magical ability to create fruit, vegetable, trees, minerals, and the list goes on, and they are all created from nothingness, just the same as our human bodies were created from nothingness.

Although we can not see this invisible material that allows us to also send signals to a satellite, that can simultaneously rebroadcast the signal to millions of TV sets instantly, these elements do exist within Earth. Obviously, if these invisible waves rebroadcast from satellites outside of Earth, they also naturally exist throughout the Universe.

It was humanity, who broadcast the big event to invite visitors, not a God, but our ancestors and we the current generation. The calls have invited new participants in physical materialization to become a part of major jamboree, the event of all events on Earth, and the materialization of a Messiah and the Grand Judgment. We collectively created this event by mere thought, we invited the massive crowds, and by mere thoughts, we will all experience the Final Judgment as so desired throughout the ages. Judgment is a destiny we created. Destiny is a formation of the collective thought, and no single being is in charge of their own as they are all a part of the whole. No one escapes destiny!

It was promised, it was predicted, it was desired, it was imagined, it was distributed, it was received, it began to materialize, it is here. We are all here to witness the event as promised on the Giant Billboard. We have called for others to arrive and take their place in the great event. Some have arrived to play as leader of government, playing the bad guy, and some have come as part of the big stage play to merely be a background character. However, rest assured, we are all here to be a part of the great movie on Earth.

The end has always been near here, it has always been desired when people feel their own existence is at hand, however, now it really is here. The Earth is ripe with inhabitants that have formed a mature fruit, we as humans are the part of the juices that have prepared the fruit for final consumption. As I said at the beginning of the post, the analogies within this post are merely used to help visualize in human understanding.
Our ancestors called for it, we have all come for it, we are not alone as a species to participate in the final movie event. And for the doom and gloom naysayers, expect it. Human illusions die from age, disease, natural disaster, accident and intentional murder or suicide, but rest assured we all die. All 7 billion will face a fate of natural design, the fate of a body that was never designed to experience immortality, just temporary illusion.

Enjoy the temporary illusion. We have all come to this mall called planet Earth with the great big billboard promising a major event, so have fun while you are here. The sale will keep you here long enough until the fireworks go off, then all will watch the excitements in the sky in awe. Just as all realize the fireworks represent the end of physical form, there will be an emotional scream of the masses for a brief second, and the grand event will be achieved as promised on the billboard.

Again, as I stated at the beginning, I have used analogies to help visualization and to help understand what is being created before your eyes, and more importantly, beyond the perception of human eyes. Place priority on your family, your friends, enjoy every moment as though it was the last. Stop taking for granted those you care for, the time was always at hand since your birth, where physical separation from your body and the bodies of loved ones here is inevitable. There is no escaping the natural design of the universe.

Final Judgment is a movie in production, asked for by the masses throughout history and desired even moreso today. The screenplay is ready, the production is basically complete, the theatres are ready, and the time for worldwide release is soon.

The producer of the movie is called Reaction by Natural Design, and it is a being created by the collective conscious of all. The producer is only fulfilling the request that we chose to participate in or wanted to witness on the big screen, that we perceive as reality.

If you have read this, then you like an actor in a movie are a character written in to receive this information; and like a movie, only a few may know in advance and the rest get caught by surprise. Don’t be alarmed that people in the great masses don’t seem to care, they were designed to be the characters in the play who are surprised by the event. You are one of the actors who play the role of the one who learns of the event in advance.

Once again, to make the workings of the Universe more understandable to human perception, I incorporated visualizations in physical understanding. By no means do the analogies within this post identify a literal example. We are all here to witness the grand movie production as the billboard on Earth has been promised by the producers. The bells are ringing and the grand movie is about to be released to the world as requested, and as SCHEDULED by the natural order of design and reaction within the Universe.

Your spirit was temporarily imprisoned on Earth to participate in the Grand Movie. You are, and you were an actor in the greatest movie ever produced on Earth, and the paycheck for your performance is on the way. You will receive it on the very day the movie is released worldwide, as per SCHEDULE. Tick tock!

Wake up, Stand up!!

Time is close then time will end, then time will begin again in a new day!

DeCember 21,2012
Love & Light~!

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