The Higher Ones involved with I.

The Higher Ones involved  with I.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No Fracking Way -Hydro Fracking and drilling "Aquifers" dangers-Drilling Water and Gas Fracking

No Fracking Way

If you came to this blog, I ask you please to look at all the articles and videos with pictures and always keep a open mind -And then Research more on your own. Never take my word for it, Always find the Truth yourself.


Every time a Hole is deliberately drilled into the ground it does add to the probability of a negative outcome for Earth Changes due to Mans extensions and Influences that are Bounded through space and time and these Negative Karmic that disturb the natural Energy pattern that's displaced all over Earth in the Grid of Fire -Ley Lines "Flower Of Life Pattern"

Think of the Earths grid as a big circuit board and when a One Path is removed or cut off from the Blueprint or "Intended" Line it will find another way to get there and that's usually in the total complete different "Vibrational pattern"  Instead of a Creative form it goes to a Chaotic.These do add to the Equations of Earthquakes,Volcanoes,and every other Natural Wonder that happens on this Planet that is very Much Alive. "Mother Gia"

Also Note that the Richter scale was changed back in or around the Year 2000.
One Point was removed clear across the board-Meaning a 7.0 Now was a 8.0 then.
This is why all the Big Earth Quakes Recently have moved the Earths Axis and brought us closer to Our Magnetic Core and Pole Shift. While this fracking adds to the Earth Changes and Probabilities of a Bad Outcome for our near future.

Ley Lines and Chakras of the World Explaining the Ancient Power grid.

Both of these Blog are connected and help to understand the fracking situation better.

Remember everything is connected !

Anyways , back to-  No fracking Way !



Fracking flowback could pollute groundwater with heavy metals

EPA official links fracking and drinking water issues

Fracking causes Earthquakes

Study raises new concern about earthquakes and fracking fluids

World News Yahoo
Unusual Dallas Earthquakes Linked to Fracking, Expert Says

New-Inside job for New York's hydrofracking health study

This is one of their ways of getting the public to make it sound like a consipracy and associate it with others example like 911=  Inside Job.
Remember this is one of their Tricks!!!

New-Gas 'Fracking' To Restart Amid Quake Fears
This is in Britian.

Look at Most Post 2012 Maps"Which has not happened yet" the date can be considered wrong the locations of these fracking sites have major issues will have a effect on that area due to the Energies of Earth Are being Displaced in A negative way. Im not gonna get into it here but read my blog on 2012 galactic center, and the ley lines and vorticies of the world.which are listed at the top of this blog-

Fracking may be to blame for Oklahoma earthquakes

USGS scientist: ‘We’re only starting to learn’ about fracking, fluid injection, earthquakes

Hydraulic Fracturing
With Video

NY Times on natural gas fracking: “The dangers to the environment and health are greater than previously understood.”

Fracking endangers locals’ health

Ecologist warns against fracking in speech at KSU-Stark

Those Living Near Fracking Wells Exposed to Dangerous Air Pollution

Danger of Fracking

EPA finally acknowledges fracking dangers

Editor Smith is beside himself on Athens fracking ban

Fracking Banned in Quebec

France Vote Outlaws ‘Fracking’ Shale for Natural Gas, Oil Extraction

Fracking banned in Bulgaria

Momentum builds for fracking inquiry
Fracking is Banned in Several Countries

Even in the USA Some states are banning the Hydro Frackng Option -Bravo on them!
Even Our Neighbors are getting it right !

Fracking Banned In New Jersey

Fracking Tied to Unusual Rise in Earthquakes in U.S.

Can Fracking Cause Quakes?

USGS: Recent Earthquakes 'Almost Certainly Manmade'

Is fracking causing earthquakes in Ohio?

How fracking might have led to an Ohio earthquake

Wastewater injection causes sharp rise in earthquakes

Has a Map to show a correlation with areas that has a increase in activity in earthquakes and fracking

Fracking and Seismic Activity

Quake Expert Earth is cracking Up

Can fracking pollute water? Study tries to answer



60 Minutes Video Piece on Dangers of Natural Gas Fracking 

The Dangers of Fracking on our Drinking Water 

Fracking Natural Gas- Dangers

The Truth of the Real Dangers of Hyrofracking- Gas Fracking

The Dangers of HydroFracking told by a Child.

Stuff they don't want you to know- Is the Government covering up the dangers of Fracking

The Risks Fracking


The Truth About Fracking


The Fracking Song

Fracking and the Environment: Natural Gas Drilling, Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Contamination

"They Speak for them self"





These Pictures show more of the process and how The Fracturing of the ground is done.


As you  can clearly see  fracking

This what cuts the ley line connections

Work in Progress- Please come back


  1. You kind of made me sad that you take what the losers say on Glenn's blog hole as the truth. Think what you want, I have not been dicking with you. Sorry if you think everyone is. It is what it is. You ever notice the dude likes to copy blogs and what they say? Think about it. This dude copys people. But you think what you want. Some one has been pushing you toward this bull for weeks. I said it wasn't me before, I stand by it.

  2. Ray I wrote to you a few times and told even Jay donavan what I was gonna do for instant ego and how to get them to respond and showing the connection. Im sorry, I hope you get over it like I did with you. I should have made shure you knew first very very sorry. And I brought that to the jcwb because it seems the jcwb comes to me. I see how many people click my link per day from. I thought it was a good idea as showing others the truth and hopefully opening their eyes. I do everything for what I believe people itself will benefit from. I dont do this for myself, or to make money, or anything like that I do it because I feel a huge sense of compassion in my heart to let others know the truth of what is really happening. I do it out of LOVE.

    Whatever you think or others Im sorry and will continue on by my mission of letting the truth out.I get so many thank you's and these few little things that seem like drama are all just here. I dont deal with this anywheres but here not in my groups of thousands, my blogs that gets thousands,or even my real life. Its only right here right now and I will keep doing what I got too to make them see. Even if it seems like wasted time, eventually they will get it.. I see several locals that spend much time reading the blog - Add that stat counter to yours and you can see these things I talk about the information where I know I must keep going and doing it. 3 people really doesn't matter. And if it was that bad why did ya join the convo after saying your sick of the live at 5 and keep it off the jcwb I see your point and understand as it seems your getting the low end too because they are jealous bro. Remember that people will do things that are vindictive from these emotions.

    Read the blog bro check out all the articles then do alittle research on your own. Look at both sides of the story like any court does. Both sides- You will be surprised as its very bad and they know it.

    ps Id say it on their and leave it off here but I cannot as Im not allowed on jcwb must be..

    I had that initial title because glenn thinks its so great and safe and Ill never get a voice in edge wise. As you can hear while jay lets me talk glenn still cuts me off and talks over me all the time..while he doesn't do it to any other caller. But I still go back for more every time and I see it clearly on how Im treated.